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Table 1 The measured leaf functional traits and their categorization

From: Coordination of leaf hydraulic, anatomical, and economical traits in tomato seedlings acclimation to long-term drought

Group Traits Abbr. Unit
Leaf hydraulic traits Leaf hydraulic conductance Kleaf mmol m−2 s−1 MPa−1
Minor venation density VDminor mm mm−2
Major venation density VDmajor mm mm−2
Major vein width   µm
Stomatal density SD mm−2
Stomatal size SS µm2
Stomatal aperture SA µm
Maximum stomatal conductance to water vapor gwmax mol H2O m−2 s−1
Leaf economics traits Leaf dry mass per area LMA g m−2
Leaf thickness LT mm
Leaf density LD g cm−3
Ratio between palisade and spongy mesophyll thickness PT/ST µm µm−1
Leaf anatomic traits Mesophyll thickness Tmes µm
Cell wall thickness Tcw µm
Volume fraction of intercellular air spaces fias %
Chlorophyll surface area exposed to leaf intercellular air spaces per leaf area Sc/S m2 m−2