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Table 3 Differentially expressed MADS-box genes in the fruit development stage

From: Integrated analysis of mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq reveals the advantage of polyploid Solidago canadensis in sexual reproduction

Gene Identifer Gene Name log2(Fold Change) UP/DOWN
AG2 CL9917.Contig5_All 1.55 up
AG2 CL9917.Contig4_All 1.19 up
AGL11 CL12154.Contig2_All 8.96 up
AGL11 CL12154.Contig1_All 2.91 up
AGL65 CL14171.Contig1_All 5.76 up
AGL8 Unigene10808_All 5.30 up
AGL8 CL1694.Contig5_All −3.09 down
AGL9 CL14513.Contig1_All 3.86 up
AGL9 CL6383.Contig9_All 3.42 up
AP1 CL8240.Contig1_All 6.18 up
AP1 Unigene25953_All 2.44 up
AP1 CL18395.Contig1_All 1.51 up
AP1 CL8240.Contig3_All −1.56 down
DEFA Unigene26195_All 2.89 up
EJ2 CL12001.Contig1_All 1.96 up
MADS15 CL4864.Contig8_All 4.17 up
MADS15 CL4864.Contig1_All 3.93 up
MADS32 Unigene56483_All −5.22 down
MADS5 CL10755.Contig4_All 3.40 up
MADS6 CL6559.Contig3_All −2.09 down
PHE1 Unigene56591_All 6.34 up
PMADS2 CL915.Contig7_All 1.36 up
PMADS2 CL915.Contig6_All −2.07 down
SEP1 CL1712.Contig5_All 1.68 up
SEP1 CL1712.Contig11_All 1.17 up
SEP1 CL1712.Contig17_All −1.79 down