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Table 1 Summary of the transcriptome data from PacBio RSII platform and Illumina Hiseq platform

From: Full-length transcriptome profiling reveals insight into the cold response of two kiwifruit genotypes (A. arguta) with contrasting freezing tolerances

 Total CCS 350711
 Full length reads 271699
 FLNC reads 254139
 Average FLNC read length 1602 bp
 Subreads base (G) 32.37 Gb
 Subreads number 22604106
 Average subreads length 1388
 N50 1834
 Total unigenes 24306
 TF number 1953
Illumina Hiseq
 Raw reads (average) 50370718.56
 Clean reads (average) 48148026.44
 Clean base (G) 130.01 Gb
 Base error rate (average) 0.03%
 Q30 (average) 93.70%
 GC content (average) 45.54%