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Table 4 Selected expressed transcription factors putatively involved in responses to pathogens and drought, and in priming

From: Pathogen and drought stress affect cell wall and phytohormone signaling to shape host responses in a sorghum COMT bmr12 mutant

Grassius Phytozome Key trait(s) Module Color Defline
SbWRKY23 Sobic.003G000600 M. phaseolina,
F. thapsinum inoculation; early response
Green WRKY transcription factor 6
SbEREB91 Sobic.006G167800 M. phaseolina,
F. thapsinum inoculation
Dark green ethylene-responsive transcription factor 2
SbWRKY75 Sobic.008G060300 Green probable WRKY transcription factor 70
SbWRKY80 Sobic.009G100500 Green WRKY transcription factor 26
SbEREB32 Sobic.002G184400 M. phaseolina inoculation Light yellow ethylene-responsive transcription factor RAP2–4
SbHB23 Sobic.002G023900 F. thapsinum inoculation Pink homeobox protein rough sheath 1
SbbZIP16 Sobic.002G162800 Saddle brown bZIP transcription factor 44
SbbZIP17 Sobic.002G225100 Turquoise bZIP transcription factor TRAB1
SbGLK40 Sobic.010G224200 Green probable transcription factor KAN4
SbWHIRLY1 Sobic.004G047500 bmr6 Grey60 single-stranded DNA-binding protein WHY2
SbEREB107 Sobic.007G077001 bmr12 Dark turquoise NA (AP2-domain-containing)
SbEREB110 Sobic.007G077300 Dark turquoise ethylene-responsive transcription factor 8
SbbZIP38 Sobic.003G363600 Constitutive lesion Brown transcription factor LG2
SbGRAS25 Sobic.003G377900 Pink scarecrow-like protein 1
SbZHD7 Sobic.005G019800 Dark grey NA
SbGBP14 Sobic.007G153700 Brown probable transcription factor At4g00390
SbOrphan149 Sobic.009G126700 Orange SNF2 domain-containing protein CLASSY 4
SbMYB2 Sobic.001G075300 Priming Dark orange myb-related protein Hv1
SbWRKY85 Sobic.009G234100 Priming Red probable WRKY transcription factor 34
SbZIM2 Sobic.001G100100 Smaller lesion Turquoise GATA transcription factor 19
SbbHLH8 Sobic.001G107400 Turquoise transcription factor bHLH18-like
N/A Sobic.001G435500 Turquoise nuclear transcription factor Y subunit C-2-like
SbbZIP16 Sobic.002G162800 Saddle brown bZIP transcription factor 44
SbDOF19 Sobic.004G266200 Midnight blue dof zinc finger protein DOF3
SbHB8 Sobic.001G157400 Susceptibility Yellow NA
SbARF26 Sobic.008G169400 Susceptibility Green-yellow auxin response factor 25
SbGLK7 Sobic.002G016300 bmr12, drought treatment Midnight blue transcription factor HHO2
  1. Transcription factors (TFs) potentially involved in coordinating defense to abiotic or biotic stresses include ethylene-responsive AP2/ERF, bZIP, WRKY, and bHLH TFs