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Table 1 ANOVA of fixed effects and interactions

From: Pathogen and drought stress affect cell wall and phytohormone signaling to shape host responses in a sorghum COMT bmr12 mutant

Effect Pr > F
Bmr 0.0425
Trt <.0001
bmr*trt 0.2018
Water 0.1619
bmr*water 0.1993
trt*water 0.7013
bmr*trt*water 0.4399
Dai <.0001
bmr*dai 0.0556
trt*dai <.0001
bmr*trt*dai 0.4665
water*dai 0.0419
bmr*water*dai 0.0268
trt*water*dai 0.4972
bmr*trt*water*dai 0.3028
  1. Plant genotype [bmr], inoculum treatment [trt], watering treatment [water] and days after inoculation [DAI], and interactions for inoculation of brown midrib (bmr)-6 bmr12 and wild-type lines with two watering treatments and lesion measurement at 3 and 13 days after inoculation. The model assessed the interaction of watering condition × inoculum × timepoint × genotype and were analyzed for Levene’s homogeneity of variance and adjusted appropriately with replicate and replicate × water as random variables in the REPEATED/GROUP option