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Table 2 Filtering steps applied for selecting DEGs, and the number of DEGs that were carried on after each selection step. For details see Materials and methods

From: Transcriptomic analysis of temporal shifts in berry development between two grapevine cultivars of the Pinot family reveals potential genes controlling ripening time

  PN/PNP 2014 [DEGs] PN/PNP 2017 [DEGs]
Adjusted p-value (PADJ) < 0.05: (counted over all sample pairs) 8,206 4,419
Log2fold change (LFC) > 2: (counted over all sample pairs) 6,629 4,298
Down- / up-regulated (in PNP vs. PN): 3,293 / 3,336 2,130 / 2,168
Unique: (non-redundant within time series) 3,342 2,745
Intersection: (detected in both years) 1,923
Excluded due to intersection: 1,419 822
Veraison-specific genes: (detected within BBCH79-81 of PNP) 388
Potentially regulatory: (detected within BBCH61-79 of PNP) 12