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Table 5 Summary of RNA-seq data available for various investigated tissues in sesame

From: Genome-wide association study and its applications in the non-model crop Sesamum indicum

Tissue sample Condition/topic Sample size SRA accession numbers
Root Salt 30 PRJNA524278
Root Osmotic stress 12 PRJNA552167
Seed and capsule Seed and carpel development 22 SRR6010084-SRR6010093-SRX396185-SRX396196
Root Drought 30 SRP095661
Root, leaf, stem and shoot apical Growth habit   KU240042
Flower buds Fertile and sterile flower buds 2 SRP095661
Root Waterlogging 6 SRR2886790
Leaf Fusarium wilt disease 8  
Leaf, root, stem and flower Multiple tissues   SRA122023
Seed Seed developmental stage 12 SRP034617
Seedling Fusarium wilt disease   SRA047567.1
Seedling Growth and development 24 SRA047563.1
Seed Oil content 6 JK045130-JK086377
Root, leaf, flower, developing seed, and shoot tip Multiple tissues 5 SRP006700