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Table 2 GO terms related to lignin biosynthesis between each sample pair

From: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of seed coats with high and low lignin contents reveals lignin and flavonoid biosynthesis in Brassica napus

GO Term KS DEG set
GO:0009800 cinnamic acid biosynthetic process 0.0078 LC1 vs HC1
GO:0005618 cell wall 8.60E-05
GO:0005773 vacuole 0.00185
GO:0045548 phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity 0.00013
GO:0016710 trans-cinnamate 4-monooxygenase activity 0.00855
GO:0019748 secondary metabolic process 0.00023 LC2 vs HC2
GO:0071554 cell wall organization or biogenesis 0.00836
GO:0005618 cell wall 5.40E-05
GO:0019748 secondary metabolic process 0.00066 LC3 vs HC3
GO:0005618 cell wall 0.0000056