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Table 1 NAC transcription factors described in this manuscript, listed in order of appearance

From: The NAC side of the fruit: tuning of fruit development and maturation

Species NAC TF Gene ID/Genbank reference number Main function in fruit
Arabidopsis thaliana NARS1/ANAC056/NAC2 AT3G15510 Embryogenesis and silique senescence
Arabidopsis thaliana NARS2/ANAC018/NAM AT1G52880 Embryogenesis and silique senescence
Arabidopsis thaliana AtNAP/ANAC029 AT1G69490 Silique senescence
Arabidopsis thaliana ANAC058 AT3G18400 Silique senescence
Arabidopsis thaliana AtJUB1/ANAC042 AT2G43000 Silique growth
Solanum lycopersicum NOR Solyc10g006880 Ethylene biosynthesis, carotenoid accumulation, fruit softening
Solanum lycopersicum NOR-like1/SlNAC3 /SNAC4/SlNAC48 Solyc07g063420 Seed development, carotenoid accumulation, ethylene biosynthesis, fruit softening
Solanum lycopersicum SlNAC1/SlNAC033 Solyc04g009440 Fruit softening, pigmentation
Solanum lycopersicum SlORE1S02 Solyc02g088180 Fruit senescence, sugar accumulation
Solanum lycopersicum SlNAP2/SNAC9/SlNAC19 Solyc04g005610 Sugar and carotenoid accumulation, ethylene production
Oryza sativa OsNAC020 Os01g01470 Grain size and weight
Oryza sativa OsNAC023 Os02g12310 Grain size and weight
Oryza sativa OsNAC026 Os01g29840 Grain size and weight
Oryza sativa ONAC127 Os11g31340 Starch accumulation, carbohydrate transport
Oryza sativa ONAC129 Os11g31380 Starch accumulation, carbohydrate transport
Malus domestica MdNAC1 103,451,803 Ethylene signalling, ABA biosynthesis
Malus domestica MdNAC2 103,446,449 Ethylene signalling
Malus domestica MdNAC47/MdNAC63 MG099900 Ethylene production
Malus domestica NAC18.1 103,436,128 Fruit softening, harvest date
Malus domestica MdNAC52 MG099889 Anthocyanin accumulation
Malus domestica MdNAC042 818,902 Anthocyanin accumulation
Fragaria x ananassa FaNAC006 FvH4_1g27900 Fruit softening
Fragaria x ananassa FaNAC021 FvH4_3g04630 Fruit softening
Fragaria x ananassa FaNAC022 FvH4_3g08490 Fruit softening
Fragaria x ananassa FaNAC035 FvH4_3g20700 Fruit softening, pigment and sugar accumulation
Fragaria x ananassa FaNAC042 FvH4_4g23130 Fruit softening
Fragaria x ananassa FaNAC092 FvH4_6g48120 Fruit softening
Fragaria chiloensis FcNAC1 KP966107 Cell wall remodelling
Citrus sinensis CitNAC62 Ciclev10019368m Lowering of citric acid content
Citrus sinensis CsNAC EF596736 Response to citrus peel pitting
Musa acuminata MaNAC1/ MaNAC087 Achr6T27000a Ethylene signalling
Musa acuminata MaNAC2/ MaNAC092 Achr6T31585a Ethylene signalling
Musa acuminata MaNAC3 Achr9T27530a Ethylene signalling
Musa acuminata MaNAC4 Achr7T00860a Ethylene signalling
Musa acuminata MaNAC5/ MaNAC140 Achr9T26140a Ethylene signalling, response to biotic stress
Musa acuminata MaNAC6 Achr11T00880a Ethylene signalling
  1. aID as reported in [28]