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Table 1 Tobacco homologs of genes involved in the regulation or development of axillary meristems and shoots in other species

From: Inhibition of lateral shoot formation by RNA interference and chemically induced mutations to genes expressed in the axillary meristem of Nicotiana tabacum L.

Query gene (Species, GenBank accession) for BLAST search Tobacco homologue Accession number in GenBank or Sol Genomics Networka
S-gene T-gene
Ls (Tomato, AF098674) NtLs EU935581 AM848584
MYB domain of Blind (Tomato, AF426174.1) NtBl1 Nitab4.5_0001442g0010.1 Nitab4.5_0004993g0020.1
NtBl2 Nitab4.5_0001050g0010.1 Nitab4.5_0001163g0150.1
NtBl3 Nitab4.5_0007679g0010.1 Nitab4.5_0000578g0120.1
REV (Tomato, BT013577 and Arabidopsis, AF233592) NtREV JQ686937 Nitab4.5_0004624g0050.1
NAC domains of CUC genes (Arabidopsis, NM_112380, NM_124774, and NM_106292) NtCUC1 Nitab4.5_0007278g0010.1 Nitab4.5_0000568g0080.1
NtCUC2 Nitab4.5_0008840g0010.1 Nitab4.5_0005914g0020.1
NtCUC3 Nitab4.5_0004286g0020.1 Nitab4.5_0007189g0080.1
NtCUC4 XM_016587094 XM_016602286.1
FHY3 (Arabidopsis, NM_001125201) NtFHY3 Nitab4.5_0002232g0050.1 XM_016593996.1
LOM (Arabidopsis, NM_130079.3) NtLOM1 Nitab4.5_0011278g0010.1 XM_016625781.1
LOF (Arabidopsis, NM_001160897.2) NtLOF1 XM_016601029.1 XM_016602279.1
  1. The tobacco Bl and CUC homolog number was determined on the basis of the sequence similarity to a tomato Bl gene (AF426174.1) and CUC gene (HM210879.1), respectively
  2. aHomologs originally identified in the in-house database were later submitted to the Sol Genomics Network database ( and GenBnak ( by other research groups. Therefore, the accession numbers in the public database are provided