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Table 4 Summary of the common differentially expressed genes after 14DAT in the comparison NaCl/Control in the accession A6. It is represented both the up (FC > 1) and down-regulated genes (FC < 1), as well as the fold change (FC) and the adjusted P-value obtained for each gene (significant differences were considered when P < 0.05)

From: Uncovering salt tolerance mechanisms in pepper plants: a physiological and transcriptomic approach

Full name Short name FC P-value C. annuum code A. thaliana code
Cellulose synthase-like D3 CSLD3 3.9 6.06E-03 CA01g07920 AT3G03050
Expansin A4 EXPA4 0.7 0.04 CA02g18410 AT2G39700
Beta-amylase 5 BAM5 0.7 0.03 CA07g12420 AT4G15210
Photosystem II subunit P-1 PSBP-1 0.7 0.04 CA07g07930 AT1G06680
Thylakoid rhodanese-like protein TROL 0.5 0.04 CA08g08250 AT4G01050
Photosystem I subunit E-2 PSAE-2 0.5 0.04 CA06g28140 AT2G20260
Beta-amylase 5 BAM5 0.5 6.63E-03 CA07g12430 AT4G15210