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Table 3 Details of the sampling of B. alternifolia, B. crispa and B. × wardii in this study. The collection codes of the individual samples are given in brackets

From: Natural hybridization between two butterfly bushes in Tibet: dominance of F1 hybrids promotes strong reproductive isolation

Taxon Sampling location Number of individuals
B. alternifolia Bahe, Nyingchi, Tibet, China (BHA) 17 (BHAL1–17)
  Taji, Lhasa, Tibet, China (TJA) 15 (TJAL1–15)
  Jiangzhi, Rikaze, Tibet, China (JZA) 15 (JZAL1–15)
  Kangding, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garzê, Sichuan, China (KDA) 14 (KDAL1–10,12–15)
B. crispa Bahe, Nyingchi, Tibet, China (BHC) 15 (BHCR1–15)
  Taji, Lhasa, Tibet, China (TJC) 16 (TJCR1–16)
  Basu, Qamdo, Tibet, China (BSC) 15 (BSCR1–15)
  Xishan, Kunming, Yunnan, China (KMC) 12 (KMCR1–12)
B. × wardii Bahe, Nyingchi, Tibet, China (BHW) 16 (BHWI1–16)
  Taji, Lhasa, Tibet, China (TJW) 17 (TJWI1–13,15–18)