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Table 1 Top 25 hub genes of ME10 with transcripts that are highly connected with the module eigengene and highly correlated with the acquisition of desiccation tolerance

From: Gene co-expression analysis of tomato seed maturation reveals tissue-specific regulatory networks and hubs associated with the acquisition of desiccation tolerance and seed vigour

Gene ID Description GS.DT p.GS.DT MM.ME10 p.MM.ME10
Solyc02g077980.3.1 Unknown protein 0.840 1.7E-23 0.987 9.5E-67
Solyc09g082110.4.1 Late embryogenesis abundant protein D-34 0.878 5.1E-28 0.986 3.6E-65
Solyc10g078780.2.1 11 kDa late embryogenesis abundant protein 0.864 4.1E-26 0.986 4.0E-65
Solyc07g066400.1.1 seed maturation protein 0.887 3.2E-29 0.984 4.2E-63
Solyc03g115370.3.1 Diacylglycerol kinase 0.883 1.2E-28 0.984 7.0E-63
Solyc11g042800.2.1 Embryonic protein DC-8 0.842 1.1E-23 0.984 8.2E-63
Solyc02g079290.3.1 FLT/ TERMINAL FLOWER 1-like protein 0.857 2.4E-25 0.982 3.1E-61
Solyc04g072250.4.1 17.5 kDa class I heat shock protein 0.873 2.8E-27 0.981 2.7E-60
Solyc09g082100.3.1 Late embryogenesis abundant protein D-34 0.889 1.6E-29 0.980 3.7E-59
Solyc12g098900.2.1 Late embryogenesis abundant protein D-29 0.905 3.8E-32 0.980 4.1E-59
Solyc03g025810.4.1 Low-temperature-induced 65 kDa protein 0.839 2.0E-23 0.979 4.4E-58
Solyc07g065990.1.1 Oleosin S1–2-like 0.828 2.5E-22 0.979 4.7E-58
Solyc09g008770.3.1 Late embryogenesis abundant protein 0.842 1.0E-23 0.978 6.7E-58
Solyc01g098850.3.1 D(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein 0.882 1.8E-28 0.977 5.1E-57
Solyc02g084840.3.1 Dehydrin 0.885 5.6E-29 0.977 1.1E-56
Solyc02g091390.3.1 Cold-regulated protein 0.819 1.8E-21 0.975 1.2E-55
Solyc07g062990.2.1 Late embryogenesis abundant protein 1-like 0.803 4.4E-20 0.975 1.3E-55
Solyc01g060070.3.1 Outer envelope pore protein 16–2, chloroplastic 0.824 6.3E-22 0.974 7.3E-55
Solyc03g113510.2.1 Hypothetical protein 0.817 2.7E-21 0.973 4.1E-54
Solyc12g010820.2.1 Late embryogenesis abundant protein 0.815 3.9E-21 0.973 7.2E-54
Solyc02g062770.2.1 Late embryogenesis abundant protein 0.894 2.5E-30 0.973 1.2E-53
Solyc09g015070.3.1 D(P)-linked oxidoreductase superfamily protein 0.821 1.1E-21 0.971 1.2E-52
Solyc02g071760.4.1 Oil body-associated protein 2A-like 0.809 1.3E-20 0.969 7.8E-52
Solyc12g008430.3.1 Malic enzyme 0.928 7.1E-37 0.969 1.1E-51
Solyc12g038160.2.1 Lipase 0.816 3.1E-21 0.969 1.5E-51
  1. GS. DT Gene significance value associated with desiccation tolerance, p.GS.DT p-value of the correlation, MM.ME10, module membership with ME10, p.MM.ME10 p-value of the correlation