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Table 2 Compositional changes in the profile of small water-soluble carbohydrates (SWSC) and non-water-soluble carbohydrates (NWSC) in g/100 g throughout grain development

From: Synthesis and accumulation of amylase-trypsin inhibitors and changes in carbohydrate profile during grain development of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Traita Days after anthesis
7 11 14 18 25 33 39 46
SWSC 18.7a 8.1b 6.7c 4.0d 2.6e 1.7f 2.0ef 1.7f
 GAL 0.05a 0.03b 0.03c 0.02d 0.02d 0.02e 0.01f 0.01f
 GLU 4.82a 2.36b 1.70c 1.09d 0.61e 0.07f 0.05f 0.05f
 FRU 8.13a 2.94b 2.05c 1.31d 0.68de 0.08e 0.05e 0.05e
 SUC 0.09c 0.09c 0.09c 0.05c 0.06c 0.59b 0.72a 0.68a
 RAF 0.24c 0.19cd 0.13de 0.08e 0.13de 0.38ab 0.42a 0.32b
 STA 0.02c 0.03b 0.27a n.d. n.d. n.d. n.d. n.d.
 VER 2.50a 1.29b 1.09c 0.53d 0.07e 0.02e 0.01e 0.01e
 MAL 1.49a 0.65d 0.92b 0.58d 0.76c 0.32f 0.44e 0.31f
 FOS 1.33a 0.55b 0.40c 0.34c 0.28c 0.22c 0.28c 0.28c
NWSC 26.0c 44.4bc 69.1ab 83.7a 89.4a 77.6a 80.2a 95.3a
 WU-GAL 0.50a 0.38ab 0.25b 0.37ab 0.43ab 0.55a 0.49a 0.49a
 WU-AX 5.99c 8.32abc 11.9ab 12.5a 9.73abc 7.90bc 7.62bc 7.44c
 ARA/XYL 1.04a 0.75a 0.49a 0.54a 0.60a 0.83a 0.79a 0.69a
 STARCH 19.6d 35.7cd 57.0bc 70.8ab 79.3ab 69.1ab 72.1ab 87.3a
  1. aSWSC small water-soluble carbohydrates; GAL galactose; GLU glucose; FRU fructose; SUC sucrose; RAF raffinose; STA stachyose; VER verbascose; MAL maltose; FOS short-chain fructooligosaccharides (sum of GF2, GF3 and GF4); NWSC non-water-soluble carbohydrates; WU-GAL water-unextractable galactose; WU-AX water-unextractable arabinoxylans (sum of arabinose and xylose after acid hydrolysis); ARA/XYL arabinose/xylose ratio; STARCH starch. Means denoted by a different letter indicate significant differences between sampling dates (p < 0.05)