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Table 3 Mapping information of QTLs associated with types I, III and IV stem trichomes

From: Differentiation in the genetic basis of stem trichome development between cultivated tetraploid cotton species

Cross combinationsa Chromosome Left Marker Right Marker LOD Add PVE(%)
QF-10/1(Ia) × Tu 75–37(N) 6 NAU5433 JESPR194 4.4 0.69 18.4
24 D08–164 L4–239 8.6 1.09 30.6
N73DeltapineNGO(N) × VIR-59TV(III) 24 L4–211 NAU3904 17.6 −0.52 51.5
N73DeltapineNGO(N) × Bazhou 03 (IV) 24 L4–209 T10 149.4 −1.87 83.7
  1. aletters in the brackets represented different stem trichome type. N means no trichome on stem. Position of some makers in the genetic map can be found in Table S8