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Table 3 Twenty most strongly differentially expressed genes of the FaM vs. FaNM analysis. Shown are the transcript name, |log2foldchange| ≥ 2 of the corresponding transcript, the library in which the transcript is upregulated (pattern), gene name based on T. pratense genome annotation, corresponding Phytozome description, gene name and species name of the next homologs and A. thaliana gene name, and locus name based on information available on Tair

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals major transcriptional changes during regrowth after mowing of red clover (Trifolium pratense)

ID Pattern Contig ID |log2foldchange| ≥ 2 Class (basis of classifiation) Gene name T. pratense Next homolog gen name Next homolog species name A. thaliana gene name A. thaliana locus name
1 TPNM2 k33_17052 −9,0 Biotic stress (T. pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA21474.v2 Medtr4g079440.1 M. truncatula na AT1G06260
2 TPNM2 k43_111792 −8,8 Biotic stress (M. truncatula) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA26333.v2 Medtr8g101900.1 M. truncatula CCOAOMT7 AT4G26220
3 TPNM2 tdn_34568 −8,6 Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA9104.v2 Glyma.13G061800.1 G. max AT5G39530
4 TPNM2 tdn_49640 −8,6
5 TPNM2 tdn_58745 −8,5 Biotic stress (T. pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA20190.v2 Medtr8g075200.1 M. truncatula AT1G75900
6 TPNM2 tdn_47209 −8,5 Growth (M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA10703.v2 Medtr1g053315.1 M. truncatula AT1G03390
7 TPNM2 tdn_48478 −8,4 Biotic stress (T. pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA19516.v2 Medtr2g099020.1 M. truncatula AT3G59510
8 TPNM2 k41_17597 −8,4 Growth stress (T. pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA8526.v2 Medtr1g036490.1 M. truncatula ATCOMT, ATOMT1 AT5G54160
9 TPNM2 k51_82581 −8,2 Growth (T. pratense) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA23127.v2 Medtr2g436480.1 M. truncatula KCS21 AT5G49070
10 TPNM2 tdn_82424 −8,1 Growth (T. pratense) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA17103.v2 Medtr2g013740.1 M. truncatula KCS10 AT2G26250
11 TPM2 k49_380 7,5 Development (A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA37185.v2 SapurV1A.0885 s0040.1 Salix purpurea DAYSLEEPER AT3G42170
12 TPM2 tdn_49869 7,6
13 TPM2 tdn_54983 7,7
14 TPM2 k37_9029 7,8
15 TPM2 k45_6120 8,4 Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA2166.v2 Medtr2g007510.1 M. truncatula
16 TPM2 k71_23808 8,4 Development (T. pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA14131.v2 Medtr1g021320.1 M. truncatula AT4G33280
17 TPM2 k59_3541 8,4 Development (T. pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA34193.v2 Medtr4g089030.1 M. truncatula CYP71A26 AT3G48270
18 TPM2 k59_360 8,6 Metabolism (Linum usitatissimum, T. pratense) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA21875.v2 Lus10012445 Linum usitatissimum AT1G50020
19 TPM2 k53_38903 9,0 Abiotic stress (A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA37328.v2 Medtr8g063190.1 M. truncatula PRIN2 AT1G10522
20 TPM2 tdn_129978 9,6 Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA9318.v2 Medtr7g062280.1 M. truncatula AT5G01140