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Table 2 Twenty most strongly differentially expressed genes of the GM vs. GNM analysis. Shown are the transcript name, |log2foldchange| ≥ 2 of the corresponding transcript, the library in which the transcript is upregulated (pattern), gene name based on T. pratense genome annotation, corresponding Phytozome description, gene name and species name of the next homologs and A. thaliana gene name, and locus name based on information available on Tair

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals major transcriptional changes during regrowth after mowing of red clover (Trifolium pratense)

ID Pattern Contig ID |log2foldchange| ≥ 2 Class (basis of classifiation) Gene name T. pratense Next homolog gene name Next homolog species name A. thaliana gene name A. thaliana locus name
1 GHNM tdn_99733 −9.5 Growth (M. truncatula) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA4544.v2 Medtr4g029550.1 M. truncatula
2 GHNM k41_54584 −6.3 Biotic stress (T.pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA28349.v2 Medtr5g073620.1 M. truncatula ATEXO70B1 AT5G58430
3 GHNM tdn_92791 −5.5 Abiotic/biotic stress (T.pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA20498.v2 Medtr1g041150.1 M. truncatula ATCPK1 AT5G04870
4 GHNM k41_130218 −5.5
5 GHNM tdn_53091 −4.8 Phytohormone (M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA39912.v2 Medtr4g010250.1 M. truncatula AT5G20190
6 GHNM tgg_43136 −4.4 Transcription (M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_q_v2_mRNA29629.v2 Medtr4g098630.1 M. truncatula ANAC071 AT4G17980
7 GHNM tdn_141837 −4.3 Abiotic stress (T.pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA760.v2 Medtr2g022700.1 M. truncatula ATGPT2 AT1G61800
8 GHNM tdn_40997 −4.2 Abiotic stress (T.pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA25718.v2 Medtr4g130540.1 M. truncatula HSP70B AT1G16030
9 GHNM k71_5292 −4.1 Biotic stress (T.pratense, M. truncatula) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA23166.v2 Medtr0163s0020.1 M. truncatula LECRK-IX.1 AT5G10530
10 GHNM k59_6358 −3.9 Growth (T.pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA12337.v2 Medtr3g435430.1 M. truncatula ATEXP15 AT2G03090
11 GHM tdn_86219 8.0 Biotic stress (T.pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA29036.v2 Medtr4g066210.1 M. truncatula BGLU12 AT5G42260
12 GHM k23_115785 8.0 Abiotic stress (T.pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA22071.v2 Glyma.01G001000.1 G. max AT5G58110
13 GHM tdn_91159 8.1 Biotic stress (T.pratense, M. truncatula, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA7745.v2 Medtr4g035870.1 M. truncatula AT5G62360
14 GHM k65_43517 8.3 Phytohormone (T.pratense, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA6281.v2 Medtr1g082750.1 M. truncatula ATAMI1 AT1G08980
15 GHM tgg_18067 8.4 Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA32019.v2
16 GHM k61_38813 9.0
17 GHM k49_82496 9.0 Abiotic/biotic stress (G. max, A. thaliana) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA37976.v2 Glyma.06G268800.1 G. max AT4G04790
18 GHM k67_38815 9.1 Biotic stress (T.pratense) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA41666.v2 Medtr0062s0020.1 M. truncatula
19 GHM k45_11164 9.6 Transcription (T.pratense) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA29953.v2 Medtr3g092510.1 M. truncatula ATRBP37 AT4G10610
20 GHM tdn_25484 9.6 Growth (Phaseolus vulgaris) Tp57577_TGAC_v2_mRNA13093.v2 Phvul.006G033800.1 Phaseolus vulgaris