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Table 4 Cross-pollination of Trebbiano Toscano and Nebbiolo with Corinto Nero pollen. Self-pollination was used as a control in the trial involving Nebbiolo

From: Somatic variants for seed and fruit set in grapevine

Variety Year Self-pollination Cross-pollination with Corinto Nero pollen
Inflorescences that set fruit Berries and seeds Inflorescences that set fruit Berries Seeds
Trebbiano Toscano 2012 Not performed   3/24 Several berries were observed at fruit set stage. However, at the end of the ripening season only a few berries were still present Twenty-nine normal seeds were recovered, but none was able to germinate
2013 Not performed   2/9 The two clusters had small berries No seed
Nebbiolo 2013 4/4 The ripe clusters had 225 berries on average. Around 74% of the berries contained normal seeds (1.7 seeds per berry, 2.3 seeds per seeded berry on average) 1/10 The ripe cluster had 29 small berries All the berries contained seeds (1.8 seeds per berry on average). Forty-nine seeds were recovered, but only two germinated
2014 4/5 The clusters had several berries 0/3