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Table 1 List of accessions analyzed in the present work

From: Somatic variants for seed and fruit set in grapevine

Varietya Seeded variant accession name Seedless variant accession name Germplasm collectionb Reference for previous identification or characterization Ascribed seedlessness type
Sangiovese Sangiovese (clone R24) Corinto Nero Grinzane Cavour
San Michele a/A
[41, 52] Parthenocarpy
Termarina Nera Grinzane Cavour - -
Gouais Blanc (Heunisch Weiss) Liseiret Aspirant-false Grinzane Cavour [47] Stenospermocarpy
Moscato Bianco (Muscat à Petits Grains Blancs) Moscato Bianco Moscato Bianco seedless (mutant) Grinzane Cavour [17] Parthenocarpy
Sciaccarello Termarone Termarina Rosa Grinzane Cavour [51] Parthenocarpy
Chasselas Chasselasc Chasselas apyrène San Michele a/A [24] Stenospermocarpy
Sultanina Dastatchine-false (Sultanine Monococco) Sultanina (Bianca) San Michele a/A [17, 32] Stenospermocarpy
Pedro Ximenez Pedro Ximenez Corinto Bianco San Michele a/A [18, 21] Parthenocarpy
Korinthiaki - Corinthe Noir San Michele a/A [20, 53] Parthenocarpy
  1. aThe variety name was given to each accession according to the true-to-type SSR profile match found in the Vitis International Variety Catalogue [44, 45] and/or the European Vitis Database [50]
  2. bPlants in Grinzane Cavour and Grugliasco are managed by CNR-IPSP, plants in San Michele a/A by FEM
  3. cBlanc for genotyping and for emasculation trials, Rose for phenotyping (there were no available Chasselas Blanc plants in the FEM germplasm collection in 2018)