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Table 3 The phytohormones related to trichome development in plants

From: Analysis and review of trichomes in plants

Hormone   Functional description References
GA Positive GA enhances the expression levels of MYB23, GL1, GL3, and EGL3, but inhibits the expression levels of TRY, ETC1, and ETC2, and positively regulates the number and branching of trichomes. [72]
CK Positive CKs increase trichome formation, regulate C2H2 transcription factors ZFP8 and GIS2 acting downstream of SPY and upstream of GL1. [48]
SA Negative SA decreases both trichome density and number. [98]
JA Positive JA degrades JAZ to release WD-repeat/bHLH/MYB complex and initiate trichome. [99]
Ethylene Positive Ethylene affects trichome branching, Arabidopsis ethylene receptor mutant, etr2–3, has completely unbranched trichomes. [99]
BR Positive - [100]