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Table 2 MicroRNAs related to trichome development in plants

From: Analysis and review of trichomes in plants

MicroRNAs Regulation Functional description References
miR156 Negative miR156-targeted SPL transcription factors, overexpression of a mimicry target of miR156 significantly increases the SPLs transcripts and decreases the density of stem trichomes. [95]
miR171 Negative miR171-targeted LOM1, LOM2, and LOM3 regulating the SPL activity. Overexpression of miR171 led to decreased trichome density on stems and floral organs. [96]
miR319a Positive miR319a-targeted TCPs, overexpression of miR319a decreased transcription levels of TCPs and significantly elevated leaf trichome density in transgenic poplar. [97]