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Table 3 Number of correlated transcripts for the collected traits at thresholds Pearson (r = ≤ − 0.5 or ≥ 0.5), Spearman (r = ≤ − 0.5 or ≥ 0.5) and DUO (≥0.65), as well the overlap between the correlation metrics

From: Linking crop traits to transcriptome differences in a progeny population of tetraploid potato

 TraitsAbbr.DUOPearsonSpearmanDuo∩ PearsonDuo∩ SpearmanPearson∩ SpearmanPearson∩ Spearman∩ Duo
Biotic StressDikeya resistanceDR33881030
P. infestans resistancePIR52162312161
Tuber blight scoreTBS019230040
Lesions after Alternaria infectionLAI0224244001420
Alternaria infection volumeAIV518180040
HR-like lesionHRL4566501380
TuberTuber greening, fieldTGF02020010
Number of tubersNoT0464790003840
Yield/plant 2014YP1409210070
Yield/plant 2013YP132557110040
Visible tubers/plantVT04170000
Leaf/shoot/flowerSenescence late seasonSLS75624365294
Growth rateGR07100060
Necrotic leaves, late-seasonNLL48393756245
Leaf textureLT2611144493
Flowering timeFT0263300230