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Table 1 Characteristics of 3D predicted model RopGEFs of rice and Arabidopsis

From: Genome-wide analysis of RopGEF gene family to identify genes contributing to pollen tube growth in rice (Oryza sativa)

GeneNumber of alpha helicesNumber of residues in WW-loopSubdomain 1 alpha helicesSubdomain 2 alpha helicesObservations
OsRopGEF215401–6, 157–14
OsRopGEF314341–6, 147–13
OsRopGEF615401–6, 157–14
OsRopGEF815251–7, 158–14
AtRopGEF214501–6, 147–13
AtRopGEF816401–8, 169–15WW-loop contains two alpha helices (6, 7) and the WW-motif is embedded in alpha-helix 6
AtRopGEF915401–7, 158–14WW-loop contains two alpha helices (5, 6)
AtRopGEF1214381–7, 148–13WW-loop contains two beta-strands
AtRopGEF1317401–7, 178–16WW-loop contains two beta-strands