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Table 3 Different expressed genes within the interval of qPT10–5 in sampled pericarp for M03 and M08

From: QTL mapping and transcriptome analysis identify candidate genes regulating pericarp thickness in sweet corn

Gene IDM03aM08aFDRLog2FCbRegulatedcGene Annoation
GRMZM2G1433520.294.48.33E-054.10upAuxin-responsive protein IAA33
GRMZM2G14338917.212.534.88E-07−2.83DOWNProtein FATTY ACID EXPORT 2 chloroplastic
GRMZM2G143402132.8836.082.19E-09−1.89DOWNZIM-transcription factor 34
AC234202.1_FG00402.511.64E-12InfupHypothetical protein ZEAMMB73_137218
  1. aThe average expression level is FPKM value
  2. bFc FPKM change between M03 and M08
  3. cNS Non-significant, UP Upregulated expression, DOWN Downregulated expression