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Table 4 Non-additive differentially expressed genes (NDEGs) and number of differentially expressed genes uniquely associated with F1 (DEGFu-sp)

From: Heterosis analysis and underlying molecular regulatory mechanism in a wide-compatible neo-tetraploid rice line with long panicles

F1 Hybrids0-L0-S0-P0-Z5-L5-S5-P5-Z
H1 × H8795510410924179180112
T485 × H848613977156719351
  1. 0-L, Flag Leaf; 0-S, Leaf sheath; 0-P, Spikelet; 0-Z, Main panicle axis before flowering; 5-L, Flag leaf; 5-S, Leaf sheath; 5-P, Spikelet; 5-Z, Main panicle axis 5 days after flowering
  2. %: indicate the percent ratio of NDEGs to DEGFu-sp