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Table 1 Differentially expressed genes in dsc1–1 and wrky19–1 at 7 days post inoculation with M. incognita

From: The TIR-NB-LRR pair DSC1 and WRKY19 contributes to basal immunity of Arabidopsis to the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita

Gene IDSignificanceRelative expressionGene descriptionWRKY domain in promotorAssociated with
Regulated in dsc1–1
 AT4G1201010.71−2.50Dominant suppressor of CAMTA3 1 (DSC1)NBiotic stress response [28]
 AT1G280407.55−0.07Ring/U-box superfamily proteinPutative ubiquitin ligase
 AT2G383807.08−0.12Peroxidase superfamily proteinYAbiotic stress response [30]
 AT4G167456.62−0.29Exostosin family proteinNPollen germination [31]
 AT1G703606.54− 0.05F-box family proteinNPutative ubiquitin ligase
 AT5G576556.500.08Xylose isomerase family proteinNRecovery from abiotic stress [32]
 AT3G529705.21−0.36Cytochrome P450, family 76, subfamily G, polypeptide 1Y 
 AT5G069054.46−0.44Cytochrome P450, family 93, subfamily D peptide 1YPutative oxygen-binding activity
 AT4G296904.41−0.56Alkaline-phosphatase-like family proteinYHormone signaling and responses [33]
 AT1G680404.22−0.35S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase superfamily proteinNDefense [34]
 AT5G069004.21− 0.44Cytochrome P450, family 712, subfamily A polypeptide 2YPutative oxygen-binding activity
 AT1G562803.720.32drought-induced 19 (Di19)NAbiotic stress response [35]
Regulated in wrky19–1
 AT2G383309.000.18Mate Efflux family proteinYBiotic stress response [36]
 AT5G518608.530.09K-box and MADS box transcription factor family protein (AGL72)YCell differentiation [37]
 AT5G453808.41−0.09DEGRADATION OF UREA 3 (DUR3)YUrea uptake [38]
 AT1G343208.11− 0.18PSK SIMULATOR 1 (PSI1)YCell growth [39]
 AT5G144707.96−0.19Galactokinase 2 (GALK2)YAbiotic stress response [40]
 AT1G647902.841.19ILITHYIA (ILA)YBiotic stress [41]
 AT1G668702.800.62Carbohydrate-binding X8 domain superfamily proteinY 
 AT3G487402.710.57Sugars Will Eventually be Exported Transporter 11 (SWEET11)YBiotic stress [42]
 AT3G279403.130.54LOB domain containing protein 26 (LBD26)YLeaf development [43]
 AT5G236602.770.53Sugars Will Eventually be Exported Transporter 12 (SWEET 12)NBiotic stress [42]
 AT4G260103.68−0.73Peroxidase super family proteinYAbiotic stress [44]
 AT5G389103.34−0.74RmLC-like cupins superfamily proteinYAbiotic stress response [45]
 AT3G473403.28− 0.71glutamine-dependent asparagine synthase 1 (ASN1)YMetabolic pathways [46]
 AT5G082503.09−0.76Cytochrome P450 superfamily proteinN 
 At1G345103.09−0.66Peroxidase superfamily proteinYWound response [47]
  1. Gene expression of dsc1–1 and wrky19–1 is compared to Col-0. For each gene the level of significance and relative expression is stated, and the presence of a WRKY domain in the promotor region. The genes regulated in dsc1–1 are ranked based on significance, whereas genes regulated in wrky19–1 are presented in the following order: first the 5 most significant genes followed by the 5 genes most up-regulated and next, the 5 genes which are most down-regulated