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Table 6 Pedigrees and origins of the plant accessions used in this study

From: Sublethal application of various sulfonylurea and imidazolinone herbicides favors outcrossing and hybrid seed production in oilseed rape

Qin8CBreeding lineVariety Qinyou8AAS of Xianyang, China
Zhong9Breeding lineVariety Zhongshuang9ORI, CAAS, Hubei, China
Q5005Breeding lineVariety Qianyou28AAS of Guizhou, China
Zhe18Breeding lineVariety Zheyou18AAS of Zhejiang, China
H15Breeding lineVariety Huyou15AAS of Shanghai, China
Zheyou50Breeding lineVariety Zheyou50AAS of Zhejiang, China
M267Breeding lineVariety Zheyou267AAS of Zhejiang, China
SapphireBreeding lineVariety AV SapphireAustralia
BC530Breeding lineVariety Shaanyou16NWAFU, China
SP2STGMS lineReference [10]NWAFU, China
SP2Fertile near-isogenic line of SP2SReference [10]NWAFU, China
Zhong9-AMale sterile lineCMS maintained by Zhong9NWAFU, China
Q5005-AMale sterile lineCMS maintained by Q5005NWAFU, China
Sapphire-AMale sterile lineCMS maintained by SapphireNWAFU, China
Zheyou50-AMale sterile lineCMS maintained by Zheyou50NWAFU, China
SP2-AMale sterile lineCMS maintained by SP2NWAFU, China
  1. aAAS Academy of Agricultural Science, CAAS China Academy of Agricultural Science, NWAFU Northwest A&F University, ORI Oilcrop Research Institute