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Table 3 Identification of SNP candidates in DEG genes, indicating position and change into de transcript

From: Molecular bases for drought tolerance in common vetch: designing new molecular breeding tools

ID TranscriptID SNP1PositionChangeID SNP2PositionChangeID SNP3PositionChangep-valueDescription
Transcript_0322SNP_0118375A > G (3’U)SNP_0119555T > A (S)SNP_0120590T > C (MS)8.76807E-06Bax inhibitor-1 family protein
Transcript_0328SNP_0121115T > A (3’U)SNP_0124391G > A (S)   1.25871E-08Ribosomal protein L27
Transcript_0419SNP_0156559A > G (S)SNP_0157586T > C (MS)   1.14691E-06Photosystem II reaction Center PSB29
Transcript_0702SNP_0261791A > G (3’U)      8.64592E-06alpha/beta-Hydrolases superfamily protein
Transcript_0989SNP_0352175A > T (S)      8.9403E-06Cu + −exporting ATPase
Transcript_4678SNP_1069413A > G (S)SNP_1070332C > G (S)   2.87933E-07copper-transporting ATPase RAN1 isoform X2
Transcript_6171SNP_1231368C > T (S)SNP_1232418T > A (MS)SNP_1233540C > G (MS)2.31921E-06E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase TRIP12
Transcript_8874SNP_1459717C > T (S)SNP_1460520T > C (MS)   1.48291E-06Pleckstrin homology (PH) domain superfamily protein
Transcript_9613SNP_1480590G > C(MS)SNP_1481674T > C(MS)SNP_1482702A > C(NS)2.15232E-08Ribosomal L38e protein family
Transcript_10054SNP_1541769T > A(3’U)SNP_1542188C > T(3’U)   6.32482E-0626S protease regulatory subunit 6B
Transcript_10860SNP_1609242A > G(MS)      3.71096E-06Pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) superfamily protein
Transcript_11543SNP_1624161C > T(MS)      6.05323E-07fructose-bisphosphate aldolase 1
Transcript_11804SNP_1729989A > G (S)SNP_1730195G > A(S)   7.03222E-06Actin-11 related
Transcript_15438SNP_2477626A > G(S)      1.51852E-06pleckstrin homologue 1
Transcript_20917SNP_3006716T > C (MS)SNP_3007725T > A(MS)   8.86323E-07Lipase_3
Transcript_20941SNP_3015250T > G (MS)SNP_3016704G > A (S)   2.19552E-06GTP-binding protein involved in stress response
Transcript_21213SNP_3100169C > G (S)      6.76584E-06Signal recognition particle, alpha subunit
Transcript_21241SNP_3115481C > A (3’U)SNP_3116484A > G (S)   1.36926E-06manganese superoxide dismutase 1
Transcript_21548SNP_3225411T > C(S)      6.94317E-06DNA-binding enhancer protein-like protein
Transcript_21929SNP_3368352A > T(S)      2.96764E-06p450
Transcript_29618SNP_447085A > G(MS)      5.26296E-06mannosyl-oligosaccharide 1,2-alpha-mannosidase MNS1
Transcript_43164SNP_5625528C > T(S)      7.99581E-07SOUL heme-binding family protein [
Transcript_43425SNP_5679292C > T(3’U)SNP_5680297A > G(3’U)   5.15776E-08ATPase, V1 complex, subunit B protein
Transcript_44989SNP_5866524T > G (MS)      3.94602E-06ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit
Transcript_48019SNP_5992338A > G(S)      2.25642E-06Transcription Factor HAT9; Homeobox-leucine zipper protein
Transcript_50340SNP_603056G > A(S)      8.21592E-06photosystem I subunit XI
Transcript_50427SNP_6051697A > G(S)      3.34132E-07Lipase_3
Transcript_50487SNP_6054292A > G(S)SNP_6055322G > A(S)SNP_6056364G > A(MS)3.6413E-06Glycolytic
Transcript_50526SNP_6062285G > A(MS)SNP_6063318G > A(MS)   9.15844E-06Acyl transferase/lysophospholipase superfamily protein
Transcript_50907SNP_6132245A > G(S)SNP_6133254G > A(S)SNP_6134317G > A(S)5.88456E-06ADP/ATP carrier 2
Transcript_51136SNP_6181431C > G(MS)      8.48917E-06membrane-associated progesterone receptor component
Transcript_55265SNP_6483519A > G(S)SNP_6484553G > A(MS)   7.86331E-06Ribosomal_L27
Transcript_55491SNP_6528363C > A(S)      1.04189E-06enolase
Transcript_55845SNP_6592293C > T(MS)      2.53713E-06Yellow Stripe like 6
Transcript_55919SNP_6606744A > C(S)SNP_6607747A > C(S)   3.37812E-07Annexin;response to water deprivation,
Transcript_61815SNP_7139371G > A(S)      8.63893E-08lipoxygenase
  1. Note: Parenthesis in Change Column indicates 3′-UTR regions (3’U), silent mutations (S), missense mutation (MS) and nonsense mutation (NS). Note the presence of more than one SNPs in some transcripts