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Table 2 Summary statistics of Vicia sativa annotations in different databases

From: Molecular bases for drought tolerance in common vetch: designing new molecular breeding tools

 AnnotatedNo hitTotal%Annotated
Annotated in nt55,615826363,87887.1
Annotated in rRNA_Central142462,45463,8782.2
Annotated in Uniprot30,38833,49063,87847.6
Annotated in GO29,69134,18763,87846.5
Annotated in COG11,66252,21663,87818.3
Annotated in pfam28,92734,95163,87845.3
Annotated in KO13,26750,61163,87820.8
Annotated in at least one database56,109776963,87887.8
GO annotations
 Cellular Component62,091 187,72133.1
 Biological Process55,906 187,72129.8
 Molecular Function69,724 187,72137.1