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Table 4 Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) of the sub-populations of panel population at K = 2 and K = 3 for Fe and Zn content in milled rice of 102 genotypes

From: Linkage disequilibrium mapping for grain Fe and Zn enhancing QTLs useful for nutrient dense rice breeding

Source of variationAMOVA for the three sub-populations at K = 2AMOVA for the seven sub-populations at K = 3
df.Mean sum of squaresVariance componentsPercentage variationdf.Mean sum of squaresVariance componentsPercentage variation
Among populations11192.4313.17541274310.9938
Among individuals (accessions) within population10035.0616.163509932.4514.8652
Within individuals (accessions)1022.742.7491022.742.7410
Total203  100203 28.59100
 FST0.4110.001  0.38580.001  
 FIS0.8550.001  0.8440.001  
 FIT0.9150.001  0.9040.001  
 FST max.0.614   0.640   
 F’ST0.669   0.601