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Table 1 Parameters associated with quantitative trait loci (QTLs) detected by multiple QTL mapping (MQM) for vegetative variables measured on the CSxRGM_F2 progeny

From: Dissecting the control of shoot development in grapevine: genetics and genomics identify potential regulators

TraitYearLGPosition (cM)LocusLODLOD threshold α = 0.05% on the linkage groupLOD threshold α = 0.05% on the whole genomeConfidence interval ± 2-LOD (cM)R2Global R2KW
CPW2009189.2VMC8B54.183.5 2.9–15.90.029 ****
CPW2010189.2VMC8B512.093.5 4.5–13.60.086 ****
IL20091462.1VVIN9420.273.2 59.1–64.30.129 ****
IL2009189.2VMC8B519.413.5 5.8–120.137 ****
IL20101462.1VVIN9425.123.3 59.3–63.80.148 ****
IL2010189.2VMC8B519.923.3 5.8–12.20.122 ****
  1. For each trait is described, the linkage group (LG) where the QTL was identified, position on the map, name of the closest locus to the logarithm of the odds (LOD) peak, LOD value, LOD threshold on the linkage group and on the whole genome with α = 0.05%, confidence interval, phenotypic variance explained by the QTL (R2), global variance explained by all the QTLs detected for one trait (Global R2), and significant degree according to non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test (KM)
  2. CPW Cane pruning weight; IL internode length. Statistical significance: ****, p < 0.0001