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Table 3 Predicted candidate genes of qGR6.2

From: Identification and fine mapping of qGR6.2, a novel locus controlling rice seed germination under salt stress

Number Candidate genes Putative protein function
ORF1 LOC_Os06g10650 Tyrosine phosphatase family protein, putative, expressed
ORF2 LOC_Os06g10660 LysM domain-containing GPI-anchored protein 1 precursor, putative, expressed
ORF3 LOC_Os06g10670 Aspartic proteinase nepenthesin-1 precursor, putative, expressed
ORF4 LOC_Os06g10680 Expressed protein
ORF5 LOC_Os06g10690 PHD-finger domain containing protein, putative, expressed
ORF6 LOC_Os06g10700 Expressed protein
ORF7 LOC_Os06g10710 Expressed protein
ORF8 LOC_Os06g10720 Expressed protein
ORF9 LOC_Os06g10730 Expressed protein
ORF10 LOC_Os06g10740 Transposon protein, putative, unclassified, expressed
ORF11 LOC_Os06g10750 Integral membrane protein DUF6-containing protein, expressed