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Table 3 QTL intervals and agronomic traits revealed by QTL mapping in HL-DH and ZX-RIL populations

From: Genome-wide association study of yield and related traits in common wheat under salt-stress conditions

Population Trait Chromosome Position (cM) Left marker Right marker LOD PVE Add LeftCI RightCI
HL-DH PH-LS 4D 18.8 AX-89421921 AX-110564616 64.35 25.90 6.87 17.45 20.50
ZX-RIL SPS-HS 5B 92 AX-109996563 AX-111538681 5.03 5.23 − 0.18 91.50 92.50
ZX-RIL SL-HS 7A 11 AX-108843150 AX-109347413 3.54 3.56 −0.17 10.50 11.50
  1. Position (cM), distance between QTL and the top marker of each linkage map; LOD, threshold of 2.5 was set for declaring the presence of QTL; PVE (%), phenotypic variation explained by QTL; Add Positive ‘additive effect’ indicated an increasing effect from Hanxuan 10 in the HL-DH population, and Zhongmai 175 in ZX-RIL population; negative ‘additive effect’ indicated an increasing effect from Lumai 14 in HL-DH population, and Xiaoyan 60 in ZX-RIL population
  2. PH plant height, SPS spikelets per spike, SL spike length, HL-DH the DH population of “Hanxuan 10×Lumai 14”, ZX-RIL the RIL population of “Zhongmai 175×Xiaoyan 60”, LS low salinity treatment, HS high salinity treatment