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Table 2 Location of S6PP tandem duplication in Poaceae and Ranunculaceae genomes

From: Sucrose-phosphate phosphatase from sugarcane reveals an ancestral tandem duplication

Classification family Genome Location Transcript name (Phytozome13) Genomic tandem regiona (bp)
S6PP.1 S6PP.2
Ranunculaceae Aquilegia coerulea v3.1 Chr 1 Aqcoe1G073100.1 Aqcoe1G073000.1 8369
Poaceae (Grasses) Miscanthus sinensis v7.1 Chr 16 Misin16G055500.1 Misin16G055600.1 5129
Miscanthus sinensis v7.1 Chr 17 Misin17G0551400.1 Misin17G051300.1 5283
Panicum hallii v3.0 Chr 3 Pahal.3G115900.1 Pahal.3G116000.1 5581
Panicum halli HAL v2.1 Chr 3 PhHAL.3G110000.1 PhHAL.3G110100.1 5590
Panicum virgatum v5.1 Chr 3 N Pavir.3NG188964.1 Pavir.3NG189313.1 6302
Panicum virgatum v5.1 Chr 3 K Pavir.3KG143200.2 Not annotatedb 5506
Setaria italica v2.2 Scaffold_3 Seita.3G059500.1 Seita.3G059600.1 5694
Setaria viridis v2.1 Chr 3 Sevir.3G060400.2 Not annotatedb 7793
Sorghum bicolor v3.1.1 Chr 9 Sobic.009G040900.2 Sobic.009G041000.1 5198
Sorghum bicolor Rio v2.1 Chr 9 SbRio.09G043600.1 SbRio.09G043700.1 5198
Sorghum bicolor_RTx430 v2.1 Chr 9 SbiRTx430.09G042400.1 SbiRTx430.09G042500.1 7186
  1. aThis region comprises from the start codon of the first gene to the stop codon of the duplicate gene in tandem, including exon, intron and intergenic regions
  2. bDuplication evidenced by BLAST, not annotated in Phytozome13