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Table 1 The taxonomic composition of the chloroplast genome sequences which used for design probes

From: Targeted enrichment of novel chloroplast-based probes reveals a large-scale phylogeny of 412 bamboos

NCBI species ID Classification Order Family Genus Species
NC_010093.1 Monocots Acorales Acoraceae Acorus Acorus americanus
NC_022133.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Aegilops Aegilops tauschii
NC_023934.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Arundinaria Arundinaria appalachiana
NC_012927.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Bambusa Bambusa oldhamii
NC_011032.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Brachypodium Brachypodium distachyon
NC_025663.1 Monocots Asparagales Orchidaceae Corallorhiza Corallorhiza wisteriana
NC_021432.1 Monocots Asparagales Orchidaceae Cymbidium Cymbidium tracyanum
NC_025232.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Danthonia Danthonia californica
NC_009601.1 Monocots Dioscoreales Dioscoreaceae Dioscorea Dioscorea elephantipes
NC_024715.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Fargesia Fargesia nitida
NC_019648.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Festuca Festuca altissima
NC_024728.1 Monocots Liliales Liliaceae Fritillaria Fritillaria cirrhosa
NC_024720.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Indocalamus Indocalamus wilsonii
NC_022926.1 Monocots Zingiberales Musaceae Musa Musa textilis
NC_001320.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Oryza Oryza sativa Japonica
NC_017609.1 Monocots Asparagales Orchidaceae Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis equestris
NC_023245.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Pharus Pharus lappulaceus
NC_013991.2 Monocots Arecales Arecaceae Phoenix Phoenix dactylifera
NC_015817.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Phyllostachys Phyllostachys edulis
NC_022850.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Setaria Setaria italica
NC_008602.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Sorghum Sorghum bicolor
NC_002762.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Triticum Triticum aestivum
NC_015894.1 Monocots Alismatales Araceae Wolffiella Wolffiella lingulata
NC_024725.1 Monocots Poales Poaceae Yushania Yushania levigata
NC_001666.2 Monocots Poales Poaceae Zea Zea mays
NC_005086.1 Basal angiosperms Amborellales Amborellaceae Amborella Amborella trichopoda
NC_006050.1 Basal angiosperms Nymphaeales Nymphaeaceae Nymphaea Nymphaea alba
NC_023242.1 Magnoliidae Magnoliales Magnoliaceae Magnolia Magnolia sprengeri
NC_008457.1 Magnoliidae Piperales Piperaceae Piper Piper cenocladum
NC_026690.1 Eudicots Ericales Actinidiaceae Actinidia Actinidia chinensis
NC_009265.1 Eudicots Brassicales Brassicaceae Aethionema Aethionema cordifolium
NC_015621.1 Eudicots Asterales Asteraceae Ageratina Ageratina adenophora
NC_022412.1 Eudicots Myrtales Myrtaceae Angophora Angophora costata
NC_000932.1 Eudicots Brassicales Brassicaceae Arabidopsis Arabidopsis thaliana
NC_009268.1 Eudicots Brassicales Brassicaceae Arabis Arabis hirsuta
NC_022810.1 Eudicots Apiales Araliaceae Aralia Aralia undulata
NC_021121.1 Eudicots Ericales Primulaceae Ardisia Ardisia polysticta
NC_025910.1 Eudicots Asterales Asteraceae Artemisia Artemisia montana
NC_022432.1 Eudicots Gentianales Asclepiadaceae Asclepias Asclepias syriaca
NC_016734.1 Eudicots Brassicales Brassicaceae Brassica Brassica napus
NC_024541.1 Eudicots Ericales Theaceae Camellia Camellia crapnelliana
NC_010323.1 Eudicots Brassicales Caricaceae Carica Carica papaya
NC_014674.1 Eudicots Fagales Fagaceae Castanea Castanea mollissima
NC_011163.1 Eudicots Fagales Fagaceae Cicer Cicer arietinum
NC_025642.1 Eudicots Lamiales Orobanchaceae Cistanche Cistanche phelypaea
NC_008334.1 Eudicots Sapindales Rutaceae Citrus Citrus sinensis
NC_008535.1 Eudicots Gentianales Rubiaceae Coffea Coffea arabica
NC_022409.1 Eudicots Myrtales Myrtaceae Corymbia Corymbia eximia
NC_007144.1 Eudicots Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Cucumis Cucumis sativus
NC_009963.1 Eudicots Solanales Convolvulaceae Cuscuta Cuscuta exaltata
NC_014569.1 Eudicots Geraniales Geraniaceae Erodium Erodium texanum
NC_022396.1 Eudicots Myrtales Myrtaceae Eucalyptus Eucalyptus aromaphloia
NC_015206.1 Eudicots Rosales Rosaceae Fragaria Fragaria vesca
NC_007942.1 Eudicots Fabales Fabaceae Glycine Glycine max
NC_016668.1 Eudicots Malvales Malvaceae Gossypium Gossypium raimondii
NC_024732.1 Eudicots Asterales Campanulaceae Hanabusaya Hanabusaya asiatica
NC_023110.1 Eudicots Asterales Asteraceae Helianthus Helianthus decapetalus
NC_026726.1 Eudicots Solanales Solanaceae Iochroma Iochroma loxense
NC_009808.1 Eudicots Solanales Convolvulaceae Ipomoea Ipomoea purpurea
NC_026677.1 Eudicots Fabales Fabaceae Libidibia Libidibia coriaria
NC_024064.1 Eudicots Malpighiales Chrysobalanaceae Licania Licania alba
NC_002694.1 Eudicots Fabales Fabaceae Lotus Lotus japonicus
NC_023090.1 Eudicots Fabales Fabaceae Lupinus Lupinus luteus
NC_010433.1 Eudicots Malpighiales Euphorbiaceae Manihot Manihot esculenta
NC_003119.6 Eudicots Fabales Fabaceae Medicago Medicago truncatula
NC_012615.1 Eudicots Ranunculales Ranunculaceae Megaleranthis Megaleranthis saniculifolia
NC_008359.1 Eudicots Rosales Moraceae Morus Morus indica
NC_025339.1 Eudicots Proteales Nelumbonaceae Nelumbo Nelumbo nucifera
NC_010358.1 Eudicots Myrtales Onagraceae Oenothera Oenothera argillicola
NC_013707.2 Eudicots Lamiales Oleaceae Olea Olea europaea
NC_006290.1 Eudicots Apiales Araliaceae Panax Panax ginseng
NC_009259.1 Eudicots Fabales Fabaceae Phaseolus Phaseolus vulgaris
NC_009143.1 Eudicots Malpighiales Salicaceae Populus Populus trichocarpa
NC_014697.1 Eudicots Rosales Rosaceae Prunus Prunus persica
NC_015996.1 Eudicots Rosales Rosaceae Pyrus Pyrus pyrifolia
NC_016736.1 Eudicots Malpighiales Euphorbiaceae Ricinus Ricinus communis
NC_026722.1 Eudicots Malpighiales Salicaceae Salix Salix purpurea
NC_026202.1 Eudicots Lamiales Scrophulariaceae Scrophularia Scrophularia takesimensis
NC_023085.1 Eudicots Saxifragales Crassulaceae Sedum Sedum sarmentosum
NC_016730.1 Eudicots Caryophyllales Caryophyllaceae Silene Silene latifolia
NC_008096.2 Eudicots Solanales Solanaceae Solanum Solanum tuberosum
NC_014676.2 Eudicots Malvales Malvaceae Theobroma Theobroma cacao
NC_024034.1 Eudicots Fabales Fabaceae Trifolium Trifolium grandiflorum
NC_021449.1 Eudicots Lamiales Lentibulariaceae Utricularia Utricularia gibba
NC_021091.1 Eudicots Fabales Fabaceae Vigna Vigna angularis
NC_007957.1 Eudicots Vitales Vitaceae Vitis Vitis vinifera
NC_023259.1 Eudicots Geraniales Vivianiaceae Viviania Viviania marifolia
NC_013086.1 Lycopodiophyta Selaginellales Selaginellaceae Selaginella Selaginella moellendorffii
NC_008829.1 Moiliformopses Marattiales Marattiaceae Angiopteris Angiopteris evecta
NC_014699.1 Moiliformopses Equisetales Equisetaceae Equisetum Equisetum arvense
NC_014348.1 Moiliformopses Dennstaedtiales Dennstaedtiaceae Pteridium Pteridium aquilinum
NC_016063.1 Gymnosperms Pinales Cephalotaxaceae Cephalotaxus Cephalotaxus wilsoniana
NC_009618.1 Gymnosperms Cycadales Cycadaceae Cycas Cycas taitungensis
NC_026301.1 Gymnosperms Gnetales Gnetaceae Gnetum Gnetum gnemon
NC_024022.1 Gymnosperms Pinales Cupressaceae Juniperus Juniperus monosperma
NC_021456.1 Gymnosperms Pinales Pinaceae Picea Picea abies
NC_011153.4 Gymnosperms Pinales Pinaceae Pinus Pinus contorta
NC_023805.1 Gymnosperms Pinales Podocarpaceae Podocarpus Podocarpus lambertii
NC_016065.1 Gymnosperms Pinales Cupressaceae Taiwania Taiwania cryptomerioides