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Table 3 Plant AP2/ERF family genes involved in disease resistance

From: Global analysis of the AP2/ERF gene family in rose (Rosa chinensis) genome unveils the role of RcERF099 in Botrytis resistance

Gene name Gene ID Species Pathogens References
OSERF922 Os01g54890.1 Oryza sativa L. Magnaporthe oryzae [17]
GmERF3 ACD47129.1 Glycine max disease resistance [18]
GmERF113 XP_003548854.1 Glycine max Phytophthora sojae [19]
GmERF5 AEX25891.1 Glycine max Phytophthora sojae [20]
AtERF15 At4g31060 Arabidopsis thaliana B.cinerea and DC3000 [21]
AtERF14 At1g04370 Arabidopsis thaliana Fusarium oxysporum [22]
AtERF1 At3g2340 Arabidopsis thaliana B.cinerea [23]
AtERF5 At5g47230 Arabidopsis thaliana B.cinerea [14]
AtERF4 At3g15210 Arabidopsis thaliana Plant defense systems [7]
AtERF6 At4g17490 Arabidopsis thaliana B.cinerea [14]
AtERF094(ORA59) At1g06160 Arabidopsis thaliana plant defense [24]
SlERF.A1 Solyc08g078180.1 Solanum lycopersicum B.cinerea [12]
SlERF.B4 Solyc03g093540 Solanum lycopersicum B.cinerea [12]
SlERF.C3 Solyc09g066360 Solanum lycopersicum B.cinerea [12]
SlERF.A3 Solyc05g052050 Solanum lycopersicum B.cinerea [12]
SlERF.C6 Solyc02g077370 Solanum lycopersicum Pseudomonassyringae to pv. [25]
SlERF.C4 Solyc09g089930 Solanum lycopersicum Ralstonia Solanacearum Strain BJ1057 [26]