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Table 5 Beet lines/accessions used or mentioned in this study

From: The molecular basis for allelic differences suggests Restorer-of-fertility 1 is a complex locus in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Line/accession Cultivar type Cytoplasm a Genotype Origin
NK-198 Sugar beet S Rf1Rf1 NARO b
NK-219 mm-CMS S rf1rf1 NARO
NK-305 S Rf1Rf1 NARO
PI 518644 N rf1rf1 NARO
PI 615522 N rf1rf1 USDA c
TA-33BB-CMS S rf1rf1 USDA
‘Fukkoku ouba’ Leaf beet N rf1rf1 NARO
  1. aS and N denote male-sterility inducing cytoplasm and non-male sterility inducing cytoplasm, respectively
  2. bNational Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
  3. cU. S. Department of Agriculture