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Table 4 Amount of 250-kDa protein complex in anthers of different genotypes a

From: The molecular basis for allelic differences suggests Restorer-of-fertility 1 is a complex locus in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

s17 marker type (genotype) 250-kDa/420-kDa ratio Difference from rf1rf1 in the same population (Δ250kDa)
p4p4 (rf1rf1) 1.74 ± 0.26
p1p4 (NK-198 Rf1 heterozygous) 0.17 ± 0.02 1.57
p1p1 (NK-198 Rf1 homozygous) Not detected 1.74
  1. aThe amount of the 250-kDa complex was estimated by the ratio of the signal intensity between the 250-kDa signal band detected by anti-preSATP6 and the 420-kDa signal band detected by anti-COXI