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Table 2 The correlation coefficient for antioxidant constituents and radical quenching capacity in four selected A. gangeticus leafy vegetables

From: Polyphenol and flavonoid profiles and radical scavenging activity in leafy vegetable Amaranthus gangeticus

  Pro-vitamin A
(mg 100 g− 1 FW)
Vitamin C
(mg 100 g− 1 FW)
Total polyphenols (GAE μg g− 1 FW) Total flavonoids (RE μg g− 1 DW) AC (DPPH) (TEAC μg g− 1 DW) AC (ABTS+) (TEAC μg g− 1 DW)
Pro-vitamin A   0.65b 0.74b 0.96b 0.53a 0.58a
Vitamin C    0.78b 0.85b 0.77b 0.78b
Total polyphenols     0.61b 0.88b 0.87b
Total flavonoids      0.58a 0.56a
AC (DPPH)       0.98b
  1. AC (DPPH) Antioxidant capacity (DPPH), AC (ABTS+) Antioxidant capacity (ABTS+), asignificant at 5% level, bsignificant at 1% level, (n = 3)