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Table 4 The average value of turf quality (TQ), photochemical efficiency (Fv/Fm), chlorophyll content (Chl, mg/g DW), photosynthesis rate (Pn, μmol CO2/m2/s), water use efficiency (WUE, μmol CO2/mmol H2O), electrolyte leakage (EL, %), leaf relative water content (RWC, %), root activity (RA, mg/g·h), and PCA ranking value of perennial ryegrass accessions in three phylogenetic clusters under heat stress condition

From: Natural variation of physiological traits, molecular markers, and chlorophyll catabolic genes associated with heat tolerance in perennial ryegrass accessions

cluster TQ Fv/Fm Chl Pn WUE EL RWC RA PCA
A 4.41 0.65 6.11b 3.76 0.67b 62.21a 57.91b 219.50b 2.65b
B 4.97 0.64 7.23ab 3.83 0.65b 65.17a 60.440ab 223.91b 7.89b
C 5.05 0.65 7.72a 3.77 0.77a 49.60b 63.44a 234.71a 61.67a