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Table 4 Major putative QTL (R2 > 10.0%) and candidate genes identified in confidence intervals of QTL associated with soybean seed protein concentration which co-located with seed weight or sucrose concentration in the two RIL populations (‘AC X790P x S18-R6’ and ‘AC X790P x S23-T5’)

From: Genomic regions associated with important seed quality traits in food-grade soybeans

Protein QTL QTL Name Chr. Flanking Markers Candidate ID Annotation Description Position
qPro_Gm06–1 qWt_Gm6–1 6 S06_19074 - S06_798961 Glyma.06 g004400 GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolism 380,973..384365
     Glyma.06 g007900 GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolism 613,002..614426
qPro_Gm15–3 qWt_Gm15–4 15 S15_10731054 - S15_11188445 Glyma.15 g133600 GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolism 10,739,528..10743270
     Glyma.15 g133800 GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolism 10,754,838..10756823