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Table 3 Major putative QTL (R2 > 10.0%) and candidate genes identified in confidence intervals of QTL associated with soybean seed protein concentration in the two RIL populations (‘AC X790P x S18-R6’ and ‘AC X790P x S23-T5’)

From: Genomic regions associated with important seed quality traits in food-grade soybeans

QTL Namea Chr. Flanking Markers Candidate ID Annotation Type Description Position
qPro_Gm02–3 2 S02_40793724 - S02_41072417 Glyma.02 g220000 GO:0006412 GO-bp 60S Ribosomal protein L16p/L10e 40,794,106..40795066
    Glyma.02 g221500 GO:0006412 GO-bp 30S Ribosomal protein S2 40,921,208..40921756
qPro_Gm04–4 4 S04_48435528 - S04_49024162 Glyma.04 g212500 AT5G61750 AT Cupin 48,435,108..48435965
    Glyma.04 g214500 GO:0006412 GO-bp Ribosomal protein L17 family protein  
qPro_Gm06–1 6 S06_19074 - S06_699413 Glyma.06 g004500 GO:0015171 GO-mf Transmembrane amino acid transporter protein 393,722..398436
    Glyma.06 g001800 GO:0006412 GO-bp Ribosomal protein L3 family protein/Translation protein 171,462..172334
qPro_Gm06–3 6 S06_9128442 - S06_11029737 Glyma.06 g113700 GO:0006412 GO-bp 40S ribosomal protein S3a-like 9,225,152..9227191
    Glyma.06 g116400 PF01490 PFAM Transmembrane amino acid transporter protein 9,472,699..9476835
    Glyma.06 g119700 GO:0006886 GO-bp Intracellular protein transport 9,737,256..9743653
qPro_Gm06–6 6 S06_30639643 - S06_33589987 Glyma.06 g225600 GO:0006413 GO-bp Translation initiation 31,131,372..31133932
    Glyma.06 g225700 GO:0006412 GO-bp Translation initiation factor eIF-4F 31,209,402..31216702
qPro_Gm13–4 13 S13_28227783 - S13_28254683 Glyma.13 g167800 GO:0042254 GO-bp Ribosome biogenesis 28,237,788..28239022
    Glyma.13 g167900 GO:0042254 GO-bp Ribosome biogenesis regulatory protein 28,240,381..28243803
qPro_Gm15–3 15 S15_10218629 - S15_10877491 Glyma.15 g129800 GO:0006412 GO-bp Ribosomal protein S27a/Ubiquitin family 10,430,457..10431571
    Glyma.15 g130000 GO:0006412 GO-bp Structural constituent of ribosome 10,439,067..10440332
    Glyma.15 g134800 GO:0006412 GO-bp Ribosomal protein L7/L12 C-terminal domain 10,831,146..10833232
  1. aQTL for the same trait detected in all individual environments (CHA15, CHA16, MER15, MER16 and PAL16) and the combined environment (GMET) with the same or overlapping marker interval was designated as one QTL