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Table 1 MLO proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana and Capsicum annuum

From: A stable DNA-free screening system for CRISPR/RNPs-mediated gene editing in hot and sweet cultivars of Capsicum annuum

Species Gene name Accession No. Gene ID ID source
Arabidopsis thaliana AtMLO2 Q9SXB6 AT1G11310 UniProt
AtMLO6 Q94KB7 AT1G61560
AtMLO12 O80961 AT2G39200
Capsicum annuum CA00g74950 CA00g74950 CA00g74950 Sol Genomics
CA02g02090 CA02g02091 CA02g02092
CA02g04140 CA02g04141 CA02g04142
CA02g20140 CA02g20141 CA02g20142
CA02g21400 CA02g21401 CA02g21402
CA06g10510 CA06g10511 CA06g10512
CA06g10520 CA06g10521 CA06g10522
CA06g26150 CA06g26151 CA06g26152
CA07g17840 CA07g17841 CA07g17842
CA08g01760 CA08g01761 CA08g01762
CA08g01780 CA08g01781 CA08g01782
CA08g05700 CA08g05701 CA08g05702
CA08g13470 CA08g13471 CA08g13472
CA09g10750 CA09g10751 CA09g10752
CA09g10760 CA09g10761 CA09g10762
CA10g07880 CA10g07881 CA10g07882
CA11g19200 CA11g19201 CA11g19202
CA12g10780 CA12g10781 CA12g10782
  1. Eighteen of CaMLO proteins in Capsicum annuum were obtained by the BLAST tool in Sol Genomics Network ( based on three AtMLO proteins (AtMLO2, AtMLO6, and AtMLO12) as a query protein sequence. BLAST is performed with the default setting in the database (Capsicum annuum cv CM334 Genome protein sequences (release 1.55). Accession No. and Gene ID were retrieved from sequence resource sites (Arabidopsis thaliana,;Capsicum annuum,