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Table 3 Generalized mixed-effect model (GLMM) analyses discovering manipulating effects influencing the error rate of male and female meiosis and sporogenesis in Ranunculus with regard to ploidy level, generation and sex. Calculations were based on 115 Ranunculus plants and more than 13,000 individual data points. Statistical computation procedure in R is depicted. Regression estimate and p value are calculated by GLMM analysis as the tested factor is referred to the test and base line categories. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001 for statistical significance of the test. For more detailed statistical info see Supplementary Data Table S2

From: The relation of meiotic behaviour to hybridity, polyploidy and apomixis in the Ranunculus auricomus complex (Ranunculaceae)

Subset n Tested factor(s) Base line categories Test categories GLMM Regression Estimate p value
Male 9193 ploidy level 2x 4x 2.19 ***
generation F2 P - 0.77 *
F1 - 0.63 **
2x, F2 4x, P - 0.88 0.08
4x, F1 - 0.60 0.09
Female 3660 ploidy level 2x 4x 0.17 0.46
Male/ Female 7438 ploidy level 2x 4x 0.17 0.46
sex female male - 2.44 ***
combined effect 2x, female 4x, male 2.02 ***