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Table 6 Bottleneck analysis for six populations of A. venetum. P-values are shown for Wilcoxon’s sign-rank test under both the stepwise mutation model (SMM) and the two-phase mutation model (TPM), along with the shape of the allelic distribution inferred from the mode-shift test

From: De novo transcriptome assembly and population genetic analyses of an important coastal shrub, Apocynum venetum L

Population Wilcoxon’s sign-rank test Mode-shift test (distribution shape) a
QG 0.116 0.348 shifted mode
LD 0.348 0.688 L-shaped
DF 0.102 0.326 L-shaped
XY 0.483 0.711 L-shaped
SY 0.688 0.839 L-shaped
BH 0.007 0.007 shifted mode
  1. a Note that an L-shaped distribution of alleles is expected in the absence of a bottleneck, whereas a distribution with a shifted mode is expected in a population that has gone through a bottleneck