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Table 2 Correlation between relative gene expression and oleic acid content in soybean

From: Genome-wide association study identifies candidate genes related to oleic acid content in soybean seeds

Year Chromosome Gene Predicted function Length Contribution rate
2018 Chr03 Glyma.03G054100.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max TMV resistance protein N-like (LOC100805036), transcript variant X3, mRNA 687 0.10
Glyma.03G168200.3 3PREDICTED: Glycine max pleiotropic drug resistance protein 1-like (LOC100791601), mRNA 4662 0.07
Chr04 Glyma.04G191100.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max probable pectate lyase 18-like (LOC100814679), mRNA 1657 0.32
Glyma.04G102900.1   2522 0.43
Glyma.04G203200.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max respiratory burst oxidase homolog protein C-like (LOC100800248), mRNA 2440 0.08
Chr05 Glyma.05G155300.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max ATP carrier protein 2, chloroplastic-like (LOC100797684), mRNA 1655 0.11
Chr07 Glyma.07G033100.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max ADP,ATP carrier protein 1, chloroplastic-like (LOC100793284), mRNA 2317 0.12
Glyma.07G089000.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max VIN3-like protein 1-like (LOC100780157), transcript variant X2, mRNA 2756 0.10
Chr08 Glyma.08G019700.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max calcium-dependent protein kinase 3-like (LOC100777096), transcript variant 1, mRNA 1877 0.16
Glyma.08G185000.2 3PREDICTED: Glycine max probable plastid-lipid-associated protein 4, chloroplastic-like (LOC100803367), transcript variant 1, mRNA 979 0.15
Chr11 Glyma.11G229600.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max DNA replication complex BAG protein, transcript variant 2, mRNA, 1257 0.47
Chr13 Glyma.13G163400.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max protein S-acyltransferase 24-like (LOC100777470), misc_RNA 2490 0.32
Chr14 Glyma.14G045100.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max abscisic-aldehyde oxidase-like (LOC100812604), mRNA 4517 0.22
Chr15 Glyma.15G117700.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max uncharacterized LOC102666654 (LOC102666654), mRNA 693 0.17
Glyma.15G120100.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max tRNA methyltransferase 10 homolog A-like (LOC100779099), mRNA 1337 0.10
Glyma.15G120200.2 3PREDICTED: Glycine max uncharacterized LOC102665381 (LOC102665381), mRNA 1227 0.08
Glyma.15G127500.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max polygalacturonase-like (LOC100785701), mRNA 1551 0.10
Glyma.15G201700.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max uncharacterized LOC100814752 (LOC100814752), mRNA 1945 0.11
Glyma.15G210100.3 3PREDICTED: Glycine max alpha,alpha-trehalose-phosphate synthase [UDP-forming] 1-like (LOC100797320), transcript variant X6, mRNA 3542 0.12
Glyma.15G244000.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max uncharacterized LOC100814749 (LOC100814749), mRNA 1213 0.10
Glyma.15G261100.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max uncharacterized LOC100801946 (LOC100801946), transcript variant X1, mRNA 3888 0.09
2019 Chr19 Glyma.19G110600.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max uncharacterized LOC102659858 (LOC102659858), mRNA 1709 0.10
Chr02 Glyma.02G220300.1 2PREDICTED: Glycine max ataxin-2-like (LOC100788042), mRNA 1135 0.18
Chr04 Glyma.04G102900.1   2522 0.10
Chr08 Glyma.08G071600.1 2PREDICTED: Glycine max metacaspase-3-like (LOC100796113), transcript variant X2, mRNA 1839 0.12
Chr11 Glyma.11G229600.1 3PREDICTED: Glycine max DNA replication complex BAG protein, transcript variant 2, mRNA, 1257 0.47
Chr12 Glyma.12G224000.1 2PREDICTED: Glycine max uncharacterized LOC102660202 (LOC102660202), mRNA 2799 0.17
Glyma.12G227300.1 2PREDICTED: Glycine max DNA ligase 1-like (LOC100818049), mRNA 2728 0.17
Chr20 Glyma.20G026100.1 2PREDICTED: Glycine max 26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 7 homolog A-like (LOC100816479), mRNA 896 0.08