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Table 3 Databases of various lncRNAs obtained in plant species

From: Long non-coding RNAs: emerging players regulating plant abiotic stress response and adaptation

Name Characteristics lncRNA and details References Link
PLncDB It provides comprehensive data on Arabidopsis lncRNAs Arabidopsis lncRNAs [147]
PLNlncRbase Detailed information on experimentally identified plant lncRNAs Supply information on 1187 plant lncRNAs in [146]
   43 plant species   
PNRD It provides information on different types of ncRNAs 150 plant species [149]
CANTATAdb Used for annotation of identified lncRNAs Covers information on lnc RNA on 10 plant species [16],
GREENC Used for annotate lncRNAs Annotation of more than 120,000 lncRNAs associated to 37 plant species could be done [150]
PLncPRO Used for prediction of lncRNAs in plants and used fornvestigating abiotic stress responsive lncRNAs in rice and chickpea 3714 and 3457 lncRNAs in rice and chickpea for drought and salinity [72]
PlaNC-TE Provide insights about the relationship between ncRNA and TEs in plants Information on overlapping of ncRNA and transposon elements from 40 plant genomes [151]
EVLncRNAs It contains lncRNA information on various species including plant 1543 lncRNAs from 77 species and also 428 plant lncRNAs from 44 plant species [152, 153]
CRISPRlnc Database for validated CRISPR/Cas9 sgRNAs for lncRNAs from variousspecies including plants 305 lncRNAs and 2102 validated sgRNAs on eight species including plant [154] or
CANTATAdb 2.0 It provides information on annotation of plant lncRNAs Covers information on lnc RNA on 39 plant species [155],
PLIT Used for investigating of plant lncRNAs from RNA seq data. Provides information on lncRNA from 8 plant species [156]  
PLncDB Detail information on plant lncRNAs Provides plant lincRNAs and lncNATs information [157]
  1. The table is updated version of [17, 61, 143]