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Table 4 Distribution of fluorescence from GFP-rabE1a/rabE1a-GFP in the cytoplasm and nucleus of healthy and PVA-infected cells

From: Nuclear proteome of virus-infected and healthy potato leaves

Construct Number of analyzed cellsa Fluorescence in both cytoplasm and nucleus Percentage (%) of cells with nuclear fluorescenceb
GFP-rabE1a (healthy) 257 3 1.2
GFP-rabE1a (PVA-infected) 283 104 36.7
rabE1a-GFP (healthy) 236 120 50.8
rabE1a-GFP (PVA-infected) 297 108 36.4
  1. aTotal number of counted cells that showed fluorescence
  2. bPercentage of cells that showed fluorescence both in the cytoplasm and nucleus. In all other cells, fluorescence was detected only in the cytoplasm