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Table 1 Summary of Illumina sequencing and assemblies for two J. vulgaris and two J. aquatica sets

From: Diversity and evolution of cytochrome P450s of Jacobaea vulgaris and Jacobaea aquatica

Sets a Total paired-end clean reads Total assembled trinity transcripts Transcript length range
(nt b)
GC content (%) Contig N50 c
Average contig length (nt) Reads mapped d (%)
Jv1* 19,725,242 152,286 301–13,238 39.37 1253 936 84.69
Jv2 36,359,675 142,213 301–13,269 39.31 1530 1132 83.25
Ja1* 20,306,518 118,936 301–15,708 39.27 1461 1082 91.57
Ja2 27,505,944 130,365 301–13,309 41.23 1441 1062 87.41
  1. a Jv1 consisted of the pooled shoots and roots of 59 individuals of J. vulgaris. Jv2 was composed of shoots from five tissue culture derived plants of J. vulgaris treated with MeJA and five mock treated individuals. Ja1 and Ja2 were derived from the same seven individuals of J. aquatica, of which roots were included in Ja1 but not in Ja2
  2. b nt: nucleotide
  3. c Contig N50: length such that sequence contigs of this length or longer include half the bases of the Trinity assembly
  4. d Reads mapped: the percentage of properly paired reads mapped back to the Trinity transcriptome assembly by Bowtie2
  5. * cDNA library was normalized before sequencing