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Table 2 Plastid genes and functional groups included in analyses

From: Plastome phylogenomic study of Gentianeae (Gentianaceae): widespread gene tree discordance and its association with evolutionary rate heterogeneity of plastid genes

Functional groups Genes
Photosystem I (PSA) psaA, psaB, psaC, psaI, psaJ
Photosystem II (PSB) psbA, psbB, psbC, psbD, psbE, psbF, psbH, psbI, psbJ, psbL, psbM, psbN, psbT, psbZ
Cytochrome B6f complex (PET) petA, petB, petD, petG, petF, petN
ATP synthase (ATP) atpA, atpB, atpE, atpF, atpH, atpI
Rubisco large subunit (Rubisco) rbcL
RNA polymerase (RPO) rpoA, rpoB, rpoC1, rpoC2
Ribosomal proteins large subunit (RPL) rpl2, rpl14, rpl16, rpl20, rpl22, rpl23, rpl32, rpl33, rpl36
Ribosomal proteins small subunit (RPS) rps2, rps3, rps4, rps7, rps8, rps11, rps12, rps14, rps15, rps18, rps19
NADH dehydrogenase (NDH) ndhA, ndhB, ndhC, ndhD, ndhE, ndhF, ndhG ndhH ndhI ndhJ ndhK
Other genes (OG)
Conserved coding frame ycf1, ycf2, ycf3, ycf4
Acetyl-CoA-carboxylase accD
ATP-dependent protease clpP
Cytochrome c biogenesis ccsA
Membrane protein cemA
Maturase matK